The places window is probably opened most often in a separate window, as shown here. It provides an animated display of the place notation causing pairs of numbers within a row to swap places. The swapping is done smoothly and quite rapidly, as one row ends and the next starts.

The above image has the Blue Line window as the main display. As a result you can see a tab for the Blue Line window's control panel on the left of the screen, and beneath it is a small (graphic-only) tab for the Places window. This is how the control panel provides access to panels for separate windows.

In the above image, the Places window has been located over the top of the main display showing the blue line. This would not normally be desirable. However, like all separate windows, it can be resized and moved to a more suitable position, including on a different monitor if you have one configured as an extension of the primary monitor.

The Control Panel

The control panel for the Places window provides options to control how the animation is presented.