As you ring touches during a session, the History window accumulates all the results and presents them in a list (most recent at the top) with a one-line graph of each touch on the right.

Individual touches from the session can be saved to a personal folder, which you can use to show an improving trend over time, for example. Touches can be deleted when no longer required. They are stored as plain text, one file per touch, which means it is easy to copy or reorganise touches using Windows Explorer.

The graph panel on the right can show one of three formats.

Multiple User Bells

If a touch involved multiple user bells (e.g. after real ringing), the statistics shown are the aggregate statistics for all the participants combined. Individual statistics can be seen by using the Striking window.

A Change of Format

To accommodate the potential for multiple user bells and the desire to store everything as plain text, the format of saved results was changed in version 3.5. If a folder contains results that were saved in earlier versions, those results will not be listed, but a "Convert..." button will appear and can be pressed to convert the old files to the new format.

The Control Panel

The control panel for the History window contains a solitary tick box for auto-saving of results during real ringing. A future version will have more controls relating to import and export of saved touches in Lowndes format.