You can read more about the belfry images here.

Please note that the images you can purchase on this page will not work in the program unless you have a registered copy of version 3.0 or later. If you don't have a registered copy of version 3.0 or later you should first either buy it, or upgrade your earlier version.

When you purchase a set of images they will made available to you as a downloadable setup file. Once you have downloaded the setup file, you must install the images by running the setup program. The procedure is the same as that used to install the Virtual Belfry program itself.

Twelve Bells

Buy these images


Buy these images

Note: when you purchase either of the two sets of images above, the images for the original eight bells at St. David's, Hobart, are also provided.

A proportion of the proceeds from the sale of these images will be donated to the tower funds of St. David's Cathedral, Hobart and/or St. Paul's, Maryborough (if there is work requiring money), or the ANZAB General Donations Fund.

Reissuing Belfry Images

After purchasing a set of belfry images the file(s) that you download are your property. They are linked specifically to your licence key and are of no use to anybody else. The author does not keep a copy, so you should. You might need to reinstall the images at a later date (on a new computer, for example). So keep them on a memory stick or a CD.

However, if at some future time you need to reinstall your belfry images, but you can't find your original setup files, they can be reissued.