Version History

This page summarises the changes that have been made in the various versions of Virtual Belfry so far released.

Version 3.4a (February 2017*)

Version 3.4a is a minor release that introduces the following new features: *Note: An updated version 3.4a was released in May 2017 to fix a problem with the installation process on Windows XP machines.

Version 3.4 (June 2016*)

*Note: An updated version 3.4 was released on 16th June (the original release date was 6th June).

Version 3.3 and 3.3a (November/December 2015)

Version 3.3a restores the "Simple" mode on the striking window, which a bug in 3.3 had disabled.

Version 3.2 (July 2015)

Version 3.1a and 3.1b (May 2015)

Version 3.1 (April 2015)

Version 3.0 (October 2014)

Version 2.2a (July 2012)

Version 2.2 (January 2012)

Version 2.1 (December 2011)

Version 2.0 (October 2011)

Version 1.4 (May 2010)

Version 1.3a (October 2009)

Version 1.2 (December 2008)

Version 1.1b (July 2008)

Version 1.1a (June 2008)

Version 1.1 (June 2008)

Version 1.0c

Version 1.0b (April 2008)