Virtual Belfry is in active development. While version 3.4 is a complex program with many features, more are planned. The items listed here are not all guaranteed to happen (though some are) and the order in which they are listed is not necessarily of any significance.

More than one user bell

While the program does allow silent practice, it allows only one bell at a time to function as the ringer's "own bell" for simulator practice. This restriction will be removed in the not-too-distant future, allowing for handbell practice and for more than one ringer to take a rope and participate (together) in method practice with the program ringing the rest of the bells. The main complication for this work is the way in which it will affect the function and appearance of the Blue Line window, the Striking window and the format of saved results. This is not a trivial upgrade, unfortunately.

Other Major Enhancements

Several major enhancements are planned, including:


Features to support handbell practice will be introduced once the program allows more than one user bell (see above).