After purchasing, donwloading and installing any of the sets of belfry images for Virtual Belfry, it is important to retain the original setup files that you downloaded. You will need them again if you ever need to reinstall the images (on a new computer, for example). These files are linked specifically to your licence key and are of no use to anybody but you. The author does not keep a copy.

If you need your original files at some future time, but can't find them, they can be reissued. The cost for this service is 10 regardless of which (or how many) image sets you want reissuing.

To qualify for reissue of images you must, of course, have previously purchased them via the normal options.

To order a reissue, enter your Licence Key in the field below and press the Buy Now button. This will take you to the PayPal system where you can complete the transaction, typically using a credit card.

After your transaction has been completed you will receive an email from PayPal confirming your purchase details, followed (not necessarily immediately) by an email from the author acknowledging your order and, if necessary, confirming which image sets you require (normally all the ones you have purchased). Shortly after that you will receive a further email from the author telling you the URL(s) for the setup file(s) that you need to download.

Belfry Image Reissue: 10

Licence Key

The transaction will be made in pounds sterling. If you use a non-UK credit card the details of the currency conversion that will be applied to make the purchase are made clear to you on the PayPal site.