This page is for new customers buying the program only (not the bell images).
If you already own an earlier version of Virtual Belfry, click here.
If you already own version 3.x and you are wishing to purchase tower images, click here.

Please note: Virtual Belfry is no longer delivered on CD. The program you download is the full product.
If you purchase bell images, they are also provided as a downloadable setup file.

Two Methods of Payment

There are two ways to purchase Virtual Belfry:

Direct Deposit

Payments from customers in the UK and Australia can be accepted by direct deposit.

Purchase by Direct Deposit from the United Kingdom

Deposit 39.95 into bank sort code 40-32-14, account 61030175, name D W Nichols
Please quote your own name in the transaction description field
Please also send an email to let me know that the payment has been made.

Purchase by Direct Deposit from Australia

Deposit A$75 into: BSB 067-000, account 00296085, Name D W Nichols
Please quote your own name in the transaction description field
Please also send an email to let me know that the payment has been made.

When emailing details of your payment you will probably also want to include the registration code for your computer (which you will find when you run the program) so that you can obtain your Activation Key to enable full functionality.


To buy using PayPal, use the option below. Pressing the button takes you to the PayPal system where you can complete the transaction, typically using a credit card.

When paying by PayPal you can supply the registration code of the PC on which you intend to install Virtual Belfry - if you happen to know it (running the program in evaluation mode will reveal it). Supplying the code at the time of purchase allows your Activation Key to be provided when your order is acknowledged. You can, however, supply the code after purchase if that is more convenient. Until you do supply the code and receive your Activation Key, your copy of Virtual Belfry will be restricted to evaluation mode, with its various restrictions. The registration page gives more information about the registration process and how to obtain the registration code for your PC.

After your transaction has been completed you will receive an email (from PayPal) confirming your purchase details, followed (not necessarily immediately) by an email from the author acknowledging your order and giving you your Licence Key and (assuming you provided a registration code) an Activation Key.


1. Following purchase, your Licence Key and Activation Key are sent to you by the author - they are NOT generated automatically.

2. The author lives in Australia. If you make your purchase during normal daylight hours in Europe, it is likely that the author will be asleep.
Please make allowances for this before deciding to demand a refund or escalating the issue with PayPal.

Purchase by PayPal

Virtual Belfry (only)

Registration Code (if known)